waitrmwoman Acupuncture Center of Fernandina offers you a full spectrum of medical knowledge gained from over five thousand years of recorded experience. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the second most popular form of health care in the world. Our clinic offers affordable treatments and preventive therapies to balance Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Qi Gong (Energy Discipline or Work) for your home-work. Qi Gong is as important as Acupuncture and chinese herb formulas, as it is free and available to you at any time, also easy to learn. It integrates breath, mental attention, and body movement to cultivate health. It redirects stagnate nerve pathways and blood flow to bring vitality and energy without the wearing down results of regular exercise.

This is video of Mimi doing  and teaching Ba Duan Jin or 8 Pieces Brocade. It is easy to learn and quite effective if done every day.


Shi Ba Shi Qi Gong Note:  This next is my favorite version of the popular 18 moves qi gong form in two parts:

Though a copy from VidTape you can see Lin Hou really moves the Qi.  (No instructions, only music, so up and inward movements are IN breath, down and outward are OUT breath.) Practice this every day, it will change your life.


This is another more clear and instructional version, though moves too fast for the controlled breath: