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Qi Gong (Energy Discipline or Work) for your home-work. Qi Gong is as important as Acupuncture and chinese herb formulas, and it is free and available to you at any time, also easy to learn. It integrates breath, mental attention, and body movement to cultivate health. It redirects stagnant nerve pathways and blood flow to bring vitality and energy without the wearing-down results of regular hard exercise. See Videos below.


I often have patients who have no interest in persuing Qi Gong because it is ‘too slow’ or ‘I like to be active, energetic or competitive’. This is purely a Yang (fire) attitude, and is common with the Western mind. In fact it is the source of many health problems. Yin or softness and fluidity feed Yang. One does not flourish without the other. Here it is from the scientific or anatomic functional viewpoint: With pure exercise or energetic body movement, muscles and other tissues, and the brain, activate and create a demand from the cardiovascular system. The body must adjust to this demand and begin to produce oxygen and nourishing blood flow, and continue to feed it in a DEFICIT condition. Qi Gong is centered on the BREATH and getting Oxygen into the blood and with slow movements it is directed all over the body (attention or Yi being centered within), sending this energy throughout the muscles, tendons, and organs. This process packs the body with OXYGENATED, NOURISHING blood and provides a temporary excess of Yin or source energy to feed the Yang (fire) or movement of other activities. It is putting the horse properly before the cart and creating a net source of energy, not a deficit that must be repaired constantly (which steals energy). This is why ones who work hard constantly every waking moment burn out and have to take supplemental Yin (herbs) to recover after many years. It is also why we are so habituated to stimulants like coffee (a drain on adrenal modulation).  As we age, this deficit of Qi manifests in many different diseases and debilities. This is not saying that minimizing movement is healthy, just that we must nourish Yin to engender Yang. This is what Qi Gong was created for in ancient times, and why it is one of the three pillars of health in TCM.

So, the quality of your breath, your attention to it, and moving it to the right places is worth the time spent practicing and cultivating with Qi Gong. It will improve ALL of your activities and your attitude for life.

This is video of Mimi doing  and teaching Ba Duan Jin or 8 Pieces Brocade. It is easy to learn and quite effective if done every day. See my warmup video following.

This warmup will help the effectiveness of 8 Brocades, and also includes a shortened version of BaDuanJin for specific application:

Shi Ba Shi Qi Gong Note:  This next is my favorite version of the popular 18 moves qi gong form (might want to mute sound). (This latest post contains a new addition at the end, like a qi aerobics. Probably great for the L/R brain stimulus, but too fast to focus the mind. I suggest learning only Shi Ba Shi form):

Though a copy from VideoTape you can see Lin Hou really moves the Qi.  (No instructions (new version has female calling ‘ee’ and ‘ohh’ for in and out) , only music, so up and inward movements are IN breath, down and outward are OUT breath.) Practice this every day, it will change your life.


This is another more clear and instructional version, though moves too fast for the controlled breath: