Chinese Medicine

At the Acupuncture Center Of Fernandina time is taken to seek out the root of a health problem, and by natural methods, often permanently change what is wrong.


  • That Traditional Chinese Medicine (referred to as “TCM”) was developed over 5,000 years ago and is practiced worldwide?
  • That TCM can help you quit smoking or lose weight?
  • That TCM is an effective treatment for alcoholism that protects your anonymity and requires no confinement?
  • That acupuncture causes the release of endorphins—your body’s natural tranquilizer/painkiller?
  • That the common cold can be treated naturally, without drug side effects, by drinking Chinese herb tea?
  • That acupuncture is a safe and affordable face lift technique?
  • That acupuncture is a great, inexpensive, drug-free method for releasing stress?
  • That TCM can be highly effective in treating sports-related injuries?
  • That cancer patients can benefit tremendously from TCM?
  • That we offer safe, drug-free pediatric treatments for children?
  • That America’s National Institute of Health recommends acupuncture for many health conditions? 

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A Look at Yin and Yang with Qi Gong

Contemplate these basic ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Yin and Yang: like water and fire.

Standard Western exercise expresses or uses Yang (like burning calories idea). It does not really focus the mind, eg: running on a treadmill and watching TV.

It uses or depletes Yin. Yin is the oil feeding the lamp fire.

Yin is closely related to essential Qi, like adrenal essence. Yin is naturally limited, but can be supplemented with herbs, or cultivated with breath and movement and calm mind (QI Gong). Qi and its internally rendered ‘substances’, Yin and Yang, are available to us all around in Nature. Just like ‘heaven’ and earth have the powerful potential to produce lightning.

Within us,Yin feeds Yang and when Yin goes, Yang begins to wane until death. Qi Gong cultivation helps to slow or even reverse this process. Yang is heat and as we age, we are more likely to feel cold. Night heat, or flushes any time of day are indications of yin deficiency, or the relative false heat exposed when yin is not present enough to balance yang or keep it anchored (another common is 5 palm heat, or heat in hands feet and chest). A furless or naked red tongue is sign of inherent yin deficiency.

Qi is expressive, flowing energy. It is closer to substance than latent energy such as thoughts. It is however not substance but it moves and can be felt, especially in the hands.