Back Pain, Recovery – Multiple Surgeries, Body Balance, Eliminating Pain Meds

(Testimonials were provided by the patient, and are reproduced with each individual’s written permission.)

To: Whom It May Concern

Subject: James (Jim)
Jones, Acupuncture Physician

I have been a patient of Jim Jones for approximately six months. My primary issue was two totally compressed discs in my lower back as evidenced by an MRI. This condition had left me in a wheelchair for about a month and sleeping in my recliner versus a bed. I was in acute pain radiating to my thigh and was on oxycodone and muscle relaxers around the clock. When my primary physician recommended I see a neurosurgeon, I decided to try the holistic approach to see if l couldn’t obtain relief without surgery.

I have had nine surgeries in the last two years for a leg amputation, a leg by pass to my foot, open heart with five bypasses, prostate removal and abscess removals. So needless
to say I was a patient full of multiple issues for Dr. Jim Jones to address.

My family and I have had great success with acupuncture. In fact my youngest son has an acupuncture practice in California. So I proceeded with two treatments a week with Dr. Jim and supplemented it with light weight training and stretching with a certified personal trainer also twice a week. Initially l could not lay on Jim’s tables so I had to be treated on a stool sitting up. As relief came over a few weeks, I can now receive treatments the normal way, I am pain free and I am off the pain killers. I continue to see Jim once a week still and am weight lifting twice a week. The combination of these professional treatments have so far kept me out of surgery for a tenth time.

Jim’s office is very quiet and peaceful. From time to time I even fall asleep in a deep state of relaxation as l am being treated. As Jim makes decisions on needle locations, he presses areas to find those that are most inflamed or tender and proceeds there. He is gentle with his needling and compassionate about his patients.

I simply can’t say enough about the Dr. Jim and the philosophy of letting the body heal itself. I am back to a positive “can do” attitude and living life again.

Without reservation whatsoever, I make referral after referral to Jim knowing full well that he can make such a difference in my friends

Lloyd Smith, Amelia Island

Eye problems, Stress

The original reason for seeking treatment was an un-diagnosed pain in my lower back on my right side. Following numerous medically invasive tests, ultrasound and CT scan my specialist could not diagnose any problem. To relieve the pain I decided to seek treatment via acupuncture.

Ironically the real medical problem I suffer from which has been diagnosed for over 8 years is now being successfully addressed with acupuncture. I have significant eye problems, including a macular hole, myopic degeneration and glaucoma.

The pains on my right side disappeared almost immediately following the acupuncture treatment. And visits to my retina specialist confirm a significant improvement in my eyesight. The vision in my left eye (with correction) was 20/80. It is now 20/40. The vision in my right eye (with correction) was 20/40. It is now 20/25.

It is extremely comforting to be able to call and get an appointment the same day. I appreciate your flexibility. I understand if an appointment time is not available we’ll work something out for a time which is. You are truly making a difference in my life. I now live with the hope of never losing my sight . . . while the medical profession told me “I guarantee you will lose your eyesight in 3 -5 years”.

From the moment I arrived at your clinic I felt like I had entered a professional, caring and understanding atmosphere. The experience puts you at ease immediately.
I am surprised by the effectiveness of acupuncture in general. You have helped me understand through our conversations how much the stress of life can impact your health. You have helped me realize that we need to “let it be” sometimes and just let go of the challenges in our lives. I wish I had met you sooner!

Thank you for renewing my faith . . . and my joy . . . in life!

JoAnn Rumelhart
Fernandina Beach FL

Toxins, Convulsions, Heat Rash

I recently visited the clinic for seafood poisoning, feverish body and a red severe rash that showed up on my lower legs. This was soon determined to be an infection of the blood. Subsequently, from Mr. Jones’s referral to the emergency room, I received a course of antibiotics from the medical doctor.

With counseling from Mr. Jones, acupuncture, and antitoxin herbs, I have been relieved of this problem.

It is apparent that Mr. Jones loves this healing technique, and seeing the results in others. I have the confidence to refer him to others, and I believe that he has the talent to heal and teach patients to care for themselves.

I was surprised by the rate of recovery with these ancient remedies. The process has been a learning experience for me. follow-up treatments have been a good preventative, enhancing my immune system.

I tell everyone acupuncture is a painless healing. One will benefit with patience, letting the body heal itself with these remedies.

The clinic has a comfortable atmosphere, is a place where you can relax and find pain relief.

I feel you have saved my health, and kept me from drug medications. You gave me guidance on daily habits to keep me healthy.

James Pasteur Mach
St. Mary’s GA

Headache, Stress, High Blood Pressure, Wound Healing, Herbs

My chief complaint was that I had been having several long headaches. By long I mean days and weeks on end. I was going through a lot of stress at work as they were laying people off for several months and I was always stressed that I would be next or that I had not been able to get another job. I was treating myself with over the counter pain medication. I had thought several times to go to my doctor however, I new that he would tell me the same thing and probably send me for some medical tests such as MRl’s. I was already under stress of not paying my bills with the cut backs at work so I did not want to add up the bills I knew I could not pay back. My father-in-law had asked me to try acupuncture. My experience with the headaches has opened up other past issues.

I was surprised at the relief I felt from my headache so quickly and that after a couple of treatments I have not had a recurrence while I am still under the same stress at work.

While working on my headache, a couple of weeks later I cut the back of my leg with a dog leash, as my dog ran off to chase another dog. It was a deep cut and long. It went all the way around the back of my knee and up to the front of my knee. (Note: dog leashes are dirty, they have dirt, grass, dog urine, feces on them any thing you can find outside is on the leash.) So I knew it could be a nasty cut. I came in to be treated for the cut. It started to heal right away. Within two weeks it was totally healed. It may sound like a long time to you however, let me compare it with the exact same cut from the same dog leash a year before. I cleaned up my wound at home. Went to the doctor because I know how dirty the dog leash can be. I was put on antibiotics as well as ointments and bandages for the wound. It took over 3 months for that wound to heal completely. This is two weeks versus 3+ months.

I came in to get relief from blood pressure. I had been on blood pressure medication for 13 years. My blood pressure was always up and down while on medication for the whole 13 years. My blood pressure was normal for the first time after two weeks of taking herbs.

I recommend you to family, neighbors, and people on the street because I have felt a tremendous relive in my pain as well as other improvements in my health while working with you.

Most doctors office visits want to rush me in, not listen to me, and rush me out, and throw my money on the desk as a run out. And if the doctor does take time to listen his nurse is at the door rushing him on to the next patient. I wanted someone that could take the time to listen and explain to me what was going on or at least explain what he could do for me and what I could do for myself. As a first time experience with acupuncture you took time to explain to me about Qi (chi). You did not rush me through the process. You were thoughtful in listening, explaining and answering my many questions. I have referred family, friends, co-workers.

People should know that you are concerned, caring, compassionate about your clients and their health. Not just the issues they bring into you, but their whole being. Body, Mind and Spirit. You are careful about mixing herbs with their prescription medication as well. Your clinic is peaceful, quiet and private. I feel I can tell you my needs and concerns without everyone else knowing what is going on. If I need extra time for a treatment you are willing to provide that for me.

You have inspired me to go on and become an acupuncturist. I have wanted to get into a field that will allow me to help others. I have taken phlebotomy classes, EKG classes and Pharmacy Tech classes. I was appalled that every medication has side effects. I want to work the rest of my life like other family members ( 90, 95, 86 etc.). I see myself as always working no matter my age.

I believe in holistic, alternative, natural medicine. Acupuncture and herbs are holistic, alternative and natural medicine.

Mahalah Grace Evans Roslie
Yulee, FL

Insomnia, Immune Response, Stress, Chinese Herbs

I was referred to your clinic by a wonderful acupuncture practitioner near Austin, TX that I had been using for many years. My original purpose in seeing her was to help me deal with insomnia. She did help with that and I also saw that acupuncture was an excellent way to keep my body in a good place as far as just general well-being, energy, maintaining immune system strength, relieving stress, enhancing anti-aging, etc. I continued to have sessions with her every week or two.
When I left TX I asked her what in the world was I going to do without her. And she said that the only acupuncturist in the country that she would be comfortable recommending was about thirty miles from where I would be living! So, I went to you to continued to receive the benefits of acupuncture.

My experience in working with you was outstanding in maintaining the benefits I had learned to expect from acupuncture.
Working with you became one of my life-lines during the nearly 2 years that I lived near your clinic as that time period of my life was especially stressful. You were clearly excellent at what you were doing and truly cared about your patient’s problems and lives. I would then and will now recommend to anyone to avail themselves of your excellent services.

I was surprised that somehow you quietly convinced me to use raw herbs and I found myself boiling and boiling again, according to your instructions, the “stick and leaf” looking dry herbs. Every day I drank this not so delicious brew before each meal.
The herbs plus your excellent acupuncture treatments got rid of my seasonal allergies! A miracle that causes me to continue to have you mail batches of herbs to me since I moved back to TX. You are a skilled herbalist and I deeply appreciate that.

Your treatment style works! And one is comfortable and feels secure and respected by you at all times. Your clinic is quiet, calming and comfortable.

Jean McFeron
Cedar Creek, TX